The Journey Begins

1BiennaleA LIVING DOOR – 2020 invites artists to apply to become an early bird in THE WRONG BIENNALE. By being accepted this artist becomes a contributor in THE WRONG BIENNALE [AT REAL] FOR FREE.

In 2018 1Biennale teamed up with IMMERSIVIA, the Digital section of the SANTORINI BIENNALE in Santorini, Greece.

The contributions have been published in various ways. Have a look at the collector’s item Touching Reality at Blurb. Most easy is to watch the machinima, created by WizardOz Chrome right now:

In 2019/20 1Biennale will present selected contributions of A LIVING DOOR as a sneak-preview at THE WRONG BIENNALE. For the first time THE WRONG happens also at REAL LOCATIONS.

Since 2017 Art Blue is one of the curators of THE WRONG BIENNALE. 1Biennale has bought for A LIVING DOOR in total four WRONG ROUTERs to be used by selected artists. This said, there will be for up to four artists a FAST TRACK to THE WRONG BIENNALE [REAL Edition].

THE WRONG BIENNALE is the biggest art event worldwide. In 2017 in total 1.621 artists and 124 curators took part.

This invite enables the selected ones to be presented …

“in MOMA with your device, and host your own digital art show in the same room as Roy Lichtenstein, Jackson Pollock or Salvador Dalí …” []

Interested artists who want to face the challenge may contact Juliette Surreal-D via IM [SL, opensim, High Fidelity, Sansar] or send an e-mail to

Deadline for application is June 15, 2019. The work has to be shown for revision until August 15, 2019. Artists who have been selected for participating at THE WRONG BIENNALE immersive display will get instructions by Art Blue. Right now it is too early for this. A stand alone router technology was first used by Art Blue in 2012 in the Primexplorer project. The WRONG ROUTER gives addition features which you find at

A sandbox for opensimulator creations will be provided at Hypergrid Hoppers in Craft World.